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(2.) Ministries of Mercy—Introduction: Who is My Neighbor?

March 21, 2008

In his introduction, Keller cites many astounding, powerful statistics about the presence of “the poor” in our country.

Here’s a breakdown of the poor to chew on: 1/3 are working adults who do not work enough to rise out of poverty, 1/3 are children, 1/6 are elderly or physically or mentally disabled, 1/6 are the “controversial” people such as singles parent homes or non-working, able adults.

Conclusions: 1. We do indeed live on the Jericho Road. 2. The church of Jesus Christ must squarely face its responsibility for the neighbors lying in the road. 3. Only the ministry of the church of Jesus Christ, and he millions of “mini-churches” (Christian homes) throughout the country can attack the roots of the social problems.

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