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The Blinding Nature of Sin

June 10, 2008

For believers, the blinding nature of sin has been uncovered, because we have seen through spiritual eyes. Isn’t it amazing how even a little quarrel with a spouse can so spoil one’s mind and soul that the glories of God in creation are not even seen?
Rebecca packed up some supper so we could take a quick ride to the park and have a picnic after work yesterday. The temperature could not have been more amiable (73f with the slightest breeze), the scene could not have been prettier (the few clouds reflecting and refracting the golden rays of the sun, sitting on a blanket in a thick bed of lush, green grass, watching the turtles and tadpoles in the pond), and the “incident” couldn’t have been smaller (a miscommunication which led to my getting angry).
The thought flashed across my mind: “Normally, I would be ecstatic to be out here with my family, but right now, I neither enjoy or can even see the beauty that I know is here (from past experience).”


looked like this:

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  1. June 10, 2008 10:41 pm

    Jeremy I appreciate greatly the transparency of your words. I can relate to your final assessment of the situation, sin is a very strong blinding force.

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