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Book review–Craftsmen by John Crotts

July 1, 2008

Oftentimes in the Western world, our idea of “spiritual growth” can seem a little stilted, a bit too “easy-fix-it” with 3 simple steps. The wisdom literature of the Bible is a refreshing antidote and corrective to this thinking; it’s a holistic view of life. John Crotts’ book Craftsmen: Skillfully Leading Your Family for Christ is a modern application of the book of Proverbs, instruction for the apprentice looking to learn the skill of learning wisdom, the craft of life. “Crotts writes with clarity and insight about how to find and exhibit wisdom in skillfully leading the family,” (Tedd Tripp).

The book is not as much in the “put off, put on” vein of many biblical counseling books I’ve read recently, which clearly have a New Testament concept of sanctification as the ruling motif. Instead, wisdom is the ruling motif (and an explicitly Christ-centered view for Crotts), which gives it the same freshness we gain from reading Romans and James, Deuteronomy and Proverbs. Craftsmen is a good tool for the eager apprentice, especially helpful for a biblical picture of the father’s role and labor in the family God has given him.

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