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Sin is like Shrink Wrap?

July 14, 2008

I am currently reading an excellent book (“A Quest for More”, Paul David Tripp, New Growth Press, 2007). Tripp highlights the essential impact of sin within the heart by comparing sin to shrink wrap (plastic that has had its molecules stretched). He develops the idea by stating that sin causes us to shrink our world to the categories of the here and now, me and mine, wants and needs, physical and material, entitlements and rights, rather than enjoying the expansive wonders of God’s Kingdom. A kingdom, by the way, that we were created to enjoy. In many ways Tripp’s insights into human motivations and proclivities remind me of the depth and thoroughness of some puritan writers. I recommend the book to all readers. Here’s a quote to whet your appetite:

Sin causes fundamental changes in the “molecules” of my heart. No longer is my heart driven by a deep seated love for God. No longer is my heart motivated by a genuine care for others. No longer do I carry around a sense of responsibility for the surrounding created world. No longer is every decision I make shaped by a clear sense of what is morally right and morally wrong. No longer is everything I do shaped by a joyful and thankful worship. The DNA of sin is selfishness, and it shrinks the size of my universe to the size of one. Sin creates the ultimate shrink dynamic. It causes all of us in some way to shrink the size of our lives to the size of our lives. Sin shrinks my motivation, zeal, desire, care, and concern to the contours of my life. In the shrunken kingdom of self, there is no functional room for God or others…Sin atrophies our care and shrinks our concern. No matter how you dress it up, the news isn’t really good: sin leaves us caring about little more than ourselves (pg.87).

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