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Your Life Belongs To Another

August 26, 2008

In my devotions I read this a letter from Samuel Rutherford, 1632. Here is an excerpt (I’ve revised the English and edited a couple places)


Understanding your situation, I want to harp upon that string which in our whole lifetime is never too often touched upon (nor is our lesson well enough learned), that there is a necessity of advancing in the way to the kingdom of Go, of the contempt of the world, of denying ourself and bearing of our Lord’s cross, which is no less needful for us than daily food. And among many mars that we are on this journey and under sail toward heaven, this is one, when the love of God so fills our hearts that we forget to love, and care not much for the having or wanting of other things; as one extreme heat burns out another . . .

That day that the earth and the works therein shall be burned with fire, your hidden hope and your life shall appear. And therefore, since you have not now many years to your endless eternity, and know not how soon the sky above your head will rise, and the Son of man will be seen in the clouds of heaven, what better and wiser course can you take, than to think that your one foot is here and your other foot in the life to come, and to leave off loving, desiring, or grieving for the wants that shall be made up when your Lord and you shall meet and you shall turn in your bill that day, the bill of your wants here. If your losses be not made up, you have place to challenge the Almighty.

But it shall not be so.

. . . Madam, if you can win to this here, the field is won; and your mind, in spite of anything you lack or anything your Lord can take from you, shall soon be calmed and quieted.

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