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Romans Memory Verses

September 16, 2008

Well, we haven’t got these posted as a file on the website, so this will have to suffice for the moment. Here are the memory verses so everyone can get started (the list may look long, but it’s only a couple verses a week when you think about how long we’re going to study the book!):

Rom 1:16-17
Rom 1:18
Rom 2:13
Rom 3:21-26
Rom 4:3-5
Rom 4:16
Rom 4:24-25
Rom 5:1
Rom 5:8-10
Rom 6:16-18
Rom 7:4
Rom 8:1-4
Rom 8:13-17
Rom 8:23
Rom 8:38-39
Rom 9:16-18
Rom 10:9-10
Rom 10:13-14
Rom 11:32-36
Rom 12:1-2
Rom 13:11-14
Rom 14:11-12
Rom 14:15
Rom 14:22-23
Rom 15:14

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