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A Facebook Riddle: An Answer

December 3, 2008

The riddle:
A riddle for all you who love Twitter type and Facebook hype:
What relation to the Me Generation
Shares Narcissus that should warn us
Of vain-glory and sin’s story?

The answer (or warning rather):
It’s a curious thing to me to see “friends” on Facebook, or people I know who use Twitter, to update their status constantly. Beware of the love affair with yourself, with thinking that all the mundane details of your life are important enough to warrant the need for a world to know. There’s a Narcissus effect here. Narcissus fell in love with himself one day upon seeing his own reflection in a woodland pond. He died by that pond, because he couldn’t bear to leave the one he loved and because he couldn’t bring himself to break the reflection and lose his love (and drink the water).

Perhaps Facebook and Twitter are becoming your pool, you always craving that the reflection of your life be unbroken, unpublished, or unpublic?

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