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Being "All That You Can Be"

January 6, 2009

Visiting with a family member about a “spiritual direction” author she’d run across got me to thinking about the paradox of the Christian life and how to “be all that you can be”.
Most of the world in our time and locale thinks and talks about recognizing your full potential by focusing inwardly. Christ tells us just the opposite. Look outwardly and serve.
It’s kind of like training for a trail run: you could either watch yourself in a mirror while you do various steps and exercises, or you could get your eyes off of yourself and on the goal and GO!
If you get moving in ministry (=serving others) you’ll begin to see what God has made you to be and others who see you will begin to notice, point out . . . and lo and behold you find out in a biblical manner what your particular gifts are.

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