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Huge Sale @ Sovereign Grace!

February 2, 2009

Thanks Kyle Laporte for the heads up!
A lot of music and Bible study materials that you’ll encounter at CrossPointe are on sale–BIGTIME–during the month of February.
CLICK HERE to go to the SALE.

CrossPointe uses a lot of Sovereign Grace songs in worship, so I’d recommend starting with Worship God Live.
And the Christmas album, Savior.
Rebecca and I also use the Hide the Word CDs for Scripture memorizing. Quality songs that sing a Bible verse(s), including the reference.

If you’ve not read them before, C. J. Mahaney and the pastoral staff involved with SovereignGrace Ministries are just that, pastoral. Start with
The Cross-Centered Life and Humility.

Stop Dating the Church and Worldliness have also become recent favorites of mine.
Don’t be afraid to buy them–you’ll want to pass them on or keep them to read and reread!

Bob Kauflin (of
We’re doing it again. Having a ridiculous sale, that is.

Last year, during the month of February, we reduced the prices of our CDs and books. The response was overwhelming. So we decided to repeat the lunacy. Here’s the deal:

From February 1–28, at the Sovereign Grace store, you’ll find these prices:
* Sovereign Grace books (23 of them, including Worship Matters, Worldliness, and Living the Cross Centered Life): $7 each
* all CDs produced by Sovereign Grace Music (including Together for the Gospel Live, Psalms, Come Weary Saints, Awesome God, In a Little While, and Valley of Vision): $6 each
* all books in our Pursuit of Godliness series (Why Small Groups, This Great Salvation, and others): $4 each

But wait…there’s more!
During February, we’re offering our normal free shipping in the continental US (library rate). But on all international orders we’re offering a discount of 50% on USPS First Class International shipping.

Why are we doing this? Well, we figure that most of us have been affected by the present economic crisis. We want to do whatever we can to make it easier for people to benefit from what we produce. We want to serve churches and individuals by providing biblically informed, gospel-centered resources at a low cost. And we’d really like to give it all away, but for now, that’s not financially feasible…

So we offer the February sale. Enjoy.
And feel free to tell your friends.

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