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Clip 1 from Adoniram Judson

March 3, 2009

I’ve been reading a great biography, a Christian classic, To the Golden Shore. It’s the story of Adoniram Judson, pioneer missionary to Burma (Myanmar) who underwent some severe trials, but whom God preserved faithful and used to do a mighty work in His kingdom.

Interestingly, the first test of Adoniram’s faith did not come in the form of trial, but of the temptation to ease and prominence. The test came right on the heels of his resolution to go to the foreign mission field. Now remember, this was at a time when there were NO American missionaries, and to his knowledge, NO potential candidates who were even thinking about the same kind of venture. And while still a college student, he makes this decision after wrestling with God. So he takes home for winter vacation, ready to share this news . . .

His stern, upright father begins dropping broad hints towards something big in store for his future. When Adoniram demands to know what it is, he learns that his professor Dr. Griffen of Andover was about to accept the pastorate of Park Street Church in Boston, the largest in the city. The secret? He had personally selected Adoniram to become his assistant immediately upon his graduation from Andover! What possibilities God was opening for him to reach and influence so many! Surely God’s hand was on him for mighty things at such a young age! But his reply stunned them, sent his mother and sister to tears, and his glowingly proud father to silence. He broke in on his sister’s elated description of his future:

“No Abigail. I shall never live in Boston. I have much farther to go.”

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