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Clip 2 from Adoniram Judson

March 9, 2009

Before Adoniram’s calling, the Lord had to give him a new heart, and strike down his old heart. In his late teens he went off as somewhat the younger brother, the prodigal son. He met up with bad company, one who was a deist of sorts by the name of Jacob Eames. Eames’ rhetoric, personality, and arguments shook out Judson’s faith and helped set him on a worldly course in pursuit theater fortunes.

As this course led quickly to a dead-end, he found himself traveling to an uncle’s house in Sheffield, for he was nearly pennyless without any hopes of climbing from that pit. In the cold night in a hotel room, his world was crashing down, questions of meaning, existence, his future, his beliefs all tumbled through his head with no foundation, no floor to rest upon. Sickness in the next room helped keep him awake for some time, groans and moans being heard through the walls.

The next morning as he paid his bill, Judson inquired of the man next door to his.

“He is dead,” was the answer.

“Dead?” Adoniram was taken aback. There was a heavy finality to the word. For an instant, some of his fear of the night made itself felt once more. Adoniram stammered out the few common phrases common to humanity when death takes someone nearby, and asked the inevitable question: “Do you know who he was?”

“Oh yes. Young man from the the college in Providence. Name was Eames. Jacob Eames.”

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