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Clip 6 from Adoniram Judson

May 21, 2009

On the boat ride to India, the band of young missionaries was frequently cold and wet, often felt cramped . . . Here’s one summary record of the journey in a letter:

I care not how soon we reach Calcutta, and are placed in a a still room, with a bowl of mild and a loaf of Indian bread. I can hardly think of this simple fare without exclaiming, oh, what a luxury . . . I have been so weary of the excessive rocking of the vessel, and the almost intolerable smell after the rain that I have done little more than lounge on the bed for several days. But I have been blest with excellent spirits, and today have been running about the deck, and dancing in our room for exercise, as well as eve. What do some females do, who have unkind husbands in sickness [for the newlywed Harriet was well-cared for by her young husband]? Among the many signal favors I am daily receiving from God, one of the greatest is a most affectionate partner. With him, my days pass cheerfully away–happy in the consciousness of loving and being beloved. With him contented would I live, and contented I would die. This, my mother, is the language of your Harriet’s heart.

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