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To Every Tribe

September 18, 2009

Copied from a blog interview. Astounding. Read more at this link:

Regarding the Gospel 90% in the “told” world vs. the less than 10% amongst the “no-access, untold” world is true.

So if you look at the status of Global mission in the International Bulletin of Mission Research, you’ll see “World A” or the “Unevangelized” world – these are people who have no access to the Gospel at all. They have never heard of Christ or Christianity. They represent nearly 25% of the world and are growing at some 12 million per year.

The Problem we face is that while the % unevangelized has fallen from some 50% in 1900 to 25% today, the absolute number of unevangelized people has risen from 870 million in 1900 to 1.6 billion today – while the total number of long-term missionaries amongst the unreached has for the fallen, bottomed out, and only barely begun to rise again. We need more workers! Pray that the Lord will send out workers into the harvest!


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