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Book Recommendation : : What Jesus Demands From the World

September 24, 2009

I bought it when it came out, but am just now starting John Piper’s book What Jesus Demands From the World. I’ve been reading a chapter (4-5 pages) every other morning or so. The book is arranged in 50 devotional, bite-size chunks, categorizing and summarizing what following Jesus entails. But “demand” does not mean burdensome, because He is glorious. Throughout the several chapters I’ve read Piper holds these demands together with His glory to at once push you to worship Jesus, and embrace His demands.

From Demand #3: “Come to Me”

Before the new birth happens and repentance occurs, a hundred other things seem more important and more attractive: health, family, job, friends, sports, music, food, sex, hobbies, retirement. But when God gives the radical change of new birth and repentance, Jesus himself becomes our supreme treasure.

Therefore, his demand that we come to him is not burdensome . . . [The burden] is hard because the world is a hard place to enjoy Jesus above all . . . But Jesus is not the burden. When we come to Him, He is the burden-lifter, the soul-satisfier, and the life-giver.

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