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November 18, 2009

A big thanks to Trevor J., who visited with our church on Monday and Tuesday regarding missions. He was a great blessing to us, challenging us and instructing us in missions generally, and our church’s endeavors and plans specifically. Here’s a couple of lines that have stuck between my ears:

If 10 men are carrying a log, one on the heavy end by himself and nine on the other end all together, which end would you immediately offer your hands to help? Why then does the church continue to spend OVER 90% of our resources on ourselves instead of helping the areas that have no gospel?

In the Western world, we’re dying of spiritual anorexia. “Anorexia” because the words of life are within reach of everyone, we just refuse. In many dark corners of the world, the people die of spiritual starvation. “Starvation” because the words of life are unattainable.


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