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You Can Save A Life (and it’s free!!!)

December 17, 2009

From the blogspot of Kendra Neill (has a lot of great adoption material as well).

What an opportunity to GIVE!!! Please read!
And spread word on your blog or facebook, too!

My friend’s sister in Chicago has been doing a lot for the cause of the bone marrow registry. Below is part of my friend’s email. Like she said, we have one life on this earth and what an incredible opportunity to possibly save a life! And the registration is FREE until Dec 31st! Go sign up! I just did, it took less than 5 minutes. You can browse the Gift of Life website for information, and info on the actual donation process if that thought makes you nervous. Did you know that the majority of the time, all they need to do is draw blood?! And in some instances it’s actual bone marrow extraction, minimal discomfort…you can read for yourself on the site….spend some time perusing all the info and stories and pics, too!

My sister has set up several bone marrow donor drives in Chicago this year. I just registered online to become a potential donor. 1/100 people who sign up will have the opportunity to save a life by being their donor! I think this is exciting…. And I hope that you do, too 🙂 Usually it costs $54 to become a donor, because they have to test your cheek cells, purchase a donor kit, and other important steps in the donation process. However, through a grant my sister received, signing up to become a donor is FREE through December 31st. I know that the idea of being a bone marrow donor to some people is scary, but once you look at some of the pictures of those who lived because of the donation of a stranger…. I think your opinion may change. Especially when you look at the adorable little red head boy 🙂
Please look at the website below. Think it over! We have one life here on earth…. I think it’s awesome that we have the chance to help others in this way.

Please go to this online registration page on the Gift of Life website:
Because of a generous gift from the Schusterman Foundation, if you register before December 31, it’s free! Just enter the sponsorship code: SAVEALAN.

Once you’ve filled out the online registration form, your information will be reviewed by Gift of Life. If they determine you’re eligible to be a donor, they’ll send a sample kit to your house!

Go register, and go spread word of the free registration!

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  1. December 17, 2009 9:14 pm

    Thanks for helping spread word! Did you sign up? the "friend's sister" is Erin Jones by the way!

  2. December 23, 2009 6:50 pm

    I have registered. I have also created a donors circle: a Facebook group:

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