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New Year’s Resolutions : : Pt. 1

December 28, 2009

Are you one for New Year’s Resolutions? I find that when I resolve nothing, I do nothing. So while I don’t bank much on the time of year to do it, I find I have to make specific, clear, tangible resolutions for godliness for myself.

Here are 2 broad, biblical goals for all us: (1) be devoted to God’s Word, (2) be devoted to prayer.

Here are several reading plans to choose from:

Two that I like to recommend are the Discipleship Journal plan and the Book-at-a-Time plan from NavPress. These both have readings for 25 days / month so that you have “catch-up” days, or extra time for meditation and reflection.

UPDATE: To make this post a little more personal, and offer a qualification, I don’t myself use any “reading plan” at present. Rebecca and I read with the kids at 1 or 2 mealtimes–so we usually get 2 chapters a day from that. I spent a couple months reading Isaiah and John closely this fall, at least 2 chapters a day from those. I use the Psalms to help me pray, so I usually get 1-2 chapters there. Preparation for church Bible studies and such comes at a different time during the day.

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