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Clip 7 from Adoniram Judson

January 12, 2010

After a long hiatus, I finally have my book back To the Golden Shore (hope everyone enjoyed it who borrowed it; so I’m going to resume some posts from the book.

One of the famous, noteworthy moments for missions history, especially baptist missions history, is that of the Judson’s change of theology of baptism. This might seem a trifle to some people, but when you single-handedly organize an entire missions society among paedo-baptists to advance missions (whose first and primary missionary is you), have no baptist supporters and change your views while crossing the ocean, you’re up a creek without a paddle. Nancy [his wife] was horrified, “If he should renounce his former sentiments, he must offend his friends at home, hazard his reputation, and, what is still more trying, be separated from his missionary associates.” Those he set out with he would very likely have to part company with! But there was no use arguing with him:

Mr. J. feels convinced from Scripture that he has never been baptized, and that he cannot conscientiously administer baptism to infants. This change of sentiment must necessarily produce a separation. As we are perfectly united with our brethren in every other respect, and are much attached to them, it is inexpressibly painful to leave them, and go alone to a separate station. [spending much time in study at Mr. Rolt’s house on the issue herself now, in India] But I . . . must acknowledge that the face of Scripture does favor the Baptist sentiments. I inted to persevere in examining the subject, and hope that I shall be disposed to embrace the truth, whatever it may be. It is painfully mortifying to my natural feelings, to think seriously of renouncing a system which I have been taught from infancy to believe and respect, and embrace one which I have been taught to despise. O that the Spirit of God may enlighten and direct my mind — may prevent my retaining of an old error, or embracing a new one!

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  1. January 17, 2010 7:44 pm

    All religions are nothing more than archaic old myths. All primitive cultures have had their "creation myths" wich over the centuries, have evolved into the world's current religions. All are just old myths and made up stories. If there IS a supreme, ultimate being/creator, god etc. It is unknowable. Anyone who pretends to know what such a being wants or claims to know the nature of such a being is living in a fantasy world. You cannot rely on millenia-old myths, written by primitive, superstitious cultures to tell you anything real about anything. To do so is ludicrous

  2. January 19, 2010 1:05 pm

    Interesting, Talon5. So how did you determine these stories are only made up, mere myths? I'm assuming you weren't there to be able discount them all by your own eyewitness. And if you weren't you have to at least allow that one of them might be correct.You said: [God] is uknowable. I would agree. UNLESS that God talks. And chose to talk to mankind whom he made. And chose to write it down. Then he could tell us about all things from an infinite point of view.So, I don't claim to rely on millenia-old myths at all. I claim to rely on a God who is powerful enough to speak and communicate clearly (which really isn't even the tip of his power since you and I can do that ourselves, eh?).

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