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Why We Love the Resurrection : : 3

March 31, 2010

From Adrian Warnock’s Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything. The first 2 posts dealt with Christ’s justification by God being demonstrated by the Resurrection. Here we turn to how our justification before God is sealed by the Resurrection.

Because of his right standing with God, his people are made righteous too. . .

The resurrection shows the positive delight of God in his Son, which is no shared by us. . .

The resurrection was necessary to allow the credit of Jesus’ righteousness to be shared with us, for it demonstrated that the credit was greater than the debt. Jesus’ favor still remained when sin was destroyed. God’s hatred for sin was not greater than his love for his Son. Righteousness remained available to credit to our account.

Jesus was so full of merit that not only did he have enough righteousness to cancel out our sin and enough that he deserved to be raised from the dead, but he still had abundantly more credit remaining in his account. As a result, our justification consists not just of a canceling of our debt, but also of an imputing to us of the righteousness of Christ. It is not only “just as if I’d never sinned,” but also, “just as if I’d already completed a perfect life.” Jesus doesn’t merely give us a clean slate and then sit back and watch whether we will mess it up again. . .

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