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3 Dark Years for Adoniram Judson

December 13, 2010

1823-1824 mark the beginning of a very dark season of life for Adoniram and Nancy Judson. Changes in the political climate began to make their work even more difficult as external pressures increased. All foreigners were beginning to be thought spies. Adoniram, among other foreigners, was thrown in a prison, where they became well-acquainted with the torture and degradation of the Burmese’ iron fist.

God’s strength will show, and His light will shine, but it will come through the breaking of broken vessels.

At one of Nancy’s first visits, which cost her over $100 in American currency,

She saw Adoniram coming out of the murk, crawling. Two days in prison had turned the most fastidious man she knew into a haggard, unshaven scarecrow, his usually spotless white starched neckcloth a filthy rag, his neat black broadcloth suit disheveled, torn and smeared with fragments of rotting platain leaves. She could scarcely recognize him. She gave him one long horrified, incredulous look, and hid her face in her hands.

Anderson, p312.

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