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Missions Monday

January 3, 2011

There is a blessing in living simply, which I believe is part and parcel to the Christian life. When Adoniram was first taken to prison, Nancy was left to sort out issues with government officials, they having been ordered to confiscate some of the Judsons possessions. Adoniram and other Westerners in the country were all thrown in prison, in part, because the present king was upset with and cutting ties and on the brink of declaring war against some of the Western nations. So the report about Mr. Judson came to the king: “Yoodthan is a true teacher. We found nothing in his house but what belongs to priests. In addition to this money [what they did have in one box] there are an immense number of books, medicines, trunks of wearing apparel, and like things, of which we have only taken a list.” The king, “charitably”, let the possessions remain in case Adoniram was, in fact, found innocent later on.

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