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Order and Argument in Prayer

April 13, 2011

Do you ever find yourself struggling with finding the right words to pray? I envy Hudson Taylor and George Mueller as I read of their confidence and faith in prayer and trusting God. If anywhere I feel impotent and full of unbelief in my Christian life it’s there. I read that “the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and accomplishes much” and wonder, “What’s wrong with my prayers? I don’t feel like my prayers are powerful.” I don’t feel like Jacob wrestling with God or Moses interceding for the people of Israel. How is it that their prayers seem to bend the ear of God?

So I’m pleading with God to make me a man of prayer. And by God’s grace He’s been answering even that prayer over the last couple years.

This sermon is full of practical instruction on how to “order” your prayer, and plead your case before the Lord (you can watch the video below or download the MP3 HERE). Tim borrowed the title from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon on the same topic, a sermon that has had a profound shaping influence on Pastor Tim’s own prayer life since he early years as a Christian. After listening to Tim’s sermon I printed out Spurgeon’s and am reading it. BOTH are worth every minute.

Here’s some of what you’ll hear:
–How to pray based on God’s character
–How to pray based on God’s relationship to you in Christ
–How to pray based on God’s zeal for His glory and reputation
–How to pray based on God’s promises and commands

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